Which plants and flowers are in season in April?


Cornflowers are vibrant blue wildflowers and are often a garden favourite as they are so easy to grow in the spring and summer. Cornflowers are also said to symbolise hope, remembrance, anticipation and unity which adds to their popularity. 


Also known as Narcissus, Daffodils are a bulbous European plant which is instantly recognisable for their bright yellow or white trumpet-shaped flowers. These flowers are widely popular as a sign of spring’s arrival for many. 


Delphinium flowers are known for their impressive spikes and usually are found in blue, pink, white and purple, although blue is their most popular colour. These flowers thrive in moist, cool summer days and are thought to symbolise an open heart. 


Freesia with their sweet citrus scent and bell-shaped blooms are a popular fragrant flower for bouquets during April through to August when they are in season. It should also be highlighted that the red and pink varieties of Freesia are the most highly scented of all the varieties. 


Also known as Sea Lavander although it is actually not related to Lavander, Limonium has thin stems which are covered in countless small blue, lavender, rose or white flowers. Due to their many small flowers stemming off one thin main stem, they are a popular filler flower for bouquets with a wilder more rustic look. 


These popular bridal bouquet flowers are most commonly found in cool colours such as whites, pinks and purples, however they can occasionally be found in yellow or red. They are recognisable for their tightly swirled buds which open to reveal vintage-looking, frilly flowers. 


Incredibly popular on Instagram, Peonies originally were known for their healing properties when used in medicines. To get the longest vase life out of Peonies, they should be cut when their buds are still fairly tightly shut. 


Ranunculus are one of those flowers that really do look too perfect to be real. Their peony style blossoms feature layer after layer of tissue-thin petals in light pinks, pastel yellow, cream, peach, burgundy, orange and red. 


Commonly known as Goldenrods, Solidago is actually most popular for its health benefits and its name in Latin translates as ‘to make whole or heal’. In floristry, however, Solidago is a popular spring filler flower with its small yellow flowers adding a pop of colour to bouquets. 


Tulips are one of the most widely recognisable flowers known for their bright showy colours in red, pink, yellow and white. Although they are commonly associated with Holland where many images of large tulip fields are pictured across social media, they are actually natively from the Middle East. 


Waxflowers are flowering shrubs with many small flowers per stem which makes it a popular filler flower choice. These romantic blooms are very long-lasting and come in white, pink and purple varieties symbolising lasting love and patience.  

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