Which flowers and plants are in season in January?


From the huge showy white blooms, we love so much to the more classic spray edition filler flowers, chrysanthemums are in full bloom in the colder months and are very long-lasting once cut which makes them a very popular addition to any bouquets. 


Tall flower spikes in a colourful range of options, such as whites, purples and pinks but are most commonly found in blue.


This shrub is most commonly grown in gardens and is known for its bright yellow colouring which is frequently featured as the backdrop for photoshoots in fashion and interior design shoots.


These are predicted the be a hugely popular flower in 2020 due to their powerful scent which is one of the predicted flower trends for the new year. They are available in a small range of colours including white, blue and milky white.

Ginger (Alpinia)

These large striking tropical flowers are some of our favourites to include in corporate and home bespoke vase arrangements for a pop of colour and due to their hardy nature. As well as the flower, the leaves of this plant are particularly unusual because of their bold and irregularly striped leaves in creamy yellow and gold.


This is a Christmas rose which although is very short-lived it is very beautiful with delicate, subtle flowers, which come in whites, reds, pinks and bi-colours. 


Lilacs are predicted to be another very popular flower in 2020 due to their strong scent which is one of the top new year trends. In the language of flowers, these delicate blooms represent love and youthfulness.


One of our favourite filler flowers to use in workshops to create colourful hand-ties, this flower opens from tightly swirled buds and blooms in white, green, purple, pink, blue, salmon, lilac and can also come in bi-colours.

Narcissus (Daffodil)

An instantly recognisable flower, usually associated with spring, this particular variety of daffodil blooms in winter and is named after a hunter known for his beauty in Greek mythology.


Roses are a winter flower which means that as well as featuring on our December list, they are featuring again on our January list. The traditional flowers of romance need no description as they are arguably one of the most recognisable flowers in the world and are available in almost every colour except black and blue.

Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise)

Strelitzia is commonly known as the bird of paradise flower due to its unusual bird-like appearance. Although this plant originates from South Africa, it is a January blooming plant which requires a minimum winter night temperature of 10-12°C.


One of the UK’s most popular flowers, commonly associated with Holland, tulips are showy, brightly coloured flowers available in a variety of bright colours including yellow, red, pink and white.


Also known as Singapore orchids, vanda is a nearly soilless orchid which hangs from trees in their native habitat. They usually have around six to eight flowers per stem and their petals often have a marble appearance.

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