Which flowers and plants are in season in December?

Christmas and plants go hand in hand, from Christmas trees to festive hyacinths and wreaths, it has long been traditional to decorate the home with nature. As well as home decoration, many couples choose this enchanting time to get married and we frequently get asked which flowers are in season and therefore with our expert florists, have put together this list of our favourite winter flowers.

Calla Lily

Calla lilly

Symbolising purity, holiness, and faithfulness. This unusual looking flower is commonly depicted in images of the Virgin Mary and is particularly popular for dinner party flowers and in winter weddings.



Camellias are glossy evergreen flowers ideal for containers and winter bouquets due to their large showy flowers which come in white, pink and red and bloom in the early wintertime.



Traditionally seen as a filler flower, many types of chrysanthemums look completely different. The white showy flowers we have pictured here are some of our favourites for Christmas and frequently last 3 – 4 weeks.



Carnations are a classically popular flower, especially at Christmas time and are known for their long vase life along with their vibrant colours and striped appearance in certain varieties.



A firm favourite at Ixia, eryngium is the blue thistle flower no rustic wreath is complete without. We find that these are often in the highest demand at our workshops with guests adding plenty to give their Christmas wreaths a modern twist.

Hypericum Berries

Vibrant berries rather than make this a very popular filler which is especially good for adding texture to designs such as bouquets or fresh floral wreaths. The berries are also available in a range of colours including white, red, pink and green.



Another of our favourite flowers, lisianthus flowers open from tightly swirled buds and come in almost every colour possible.


A list of the Christmas flowers in season in December would not be complete without mistletoe. This pretty snow berried plant is the image of Christmas merriness and joy.


Orchids are a staple piece in many people’s homes because of their timeless elegance and sophistication and are frequently gifted over the Christmas period when they are in season.


Peonies have been growing in popularity over the years thanks to being a firm favourite of bloggers and influencers. They are usually pictured in pink but actually come in many colours depending on the variety including white, red, coral, purple, mahogany and yellow.


These warm red flowers are the image of Christmas and make the perfect gifts and party favours. Poinsettias are very high maintenance and can be difficult to look after but if cared for well are a stunning festive flower.


The traditional symbol of love, roses are a true British favourite and are actually a winter flower. There are many varieties of roses but our favourite two would have to be Red Naiomi Roses and Harlequin Roses as pictured above.


Snapdragon is the fragrant flower clusters that achieved their name because of their resemblance to the opening and closing face of a dragon when squeezed.  

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are a delicate and usually highly fragranced flower often with coloured veins running through them. This flower is very subtle and elegant and therefore is often featured in winter flower bouquets.

If you would like to contact us about getting any of the flowers above or would like to view our range of seasonal flower bouquets, please visit our Urmston or Knutsford shops, or call 0161 202 9645.

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