What are the most popular flowers for valentines day 2020?

Valentines Day is fast approaching and we have been preparing our shops for the most romantic day of the year. If you are unsure about choosing the perfect Valentine’s bouquet for your loved one, don’t panic, we have put together a failsafe guide to the most popular flowers for Valentines Day in 2020 so you can get her something she loves.

Red Naomi Roses

Top of the list is the classic red Naomi Rose, the most popular (and pricey) flower for Valentines Day. When most people think of a Valentines Day bouquet, a bunch of red roses will often spring to mind which is why this is a failproof option. Around Valentines Day, due to the high demand of red Naomi Roses, their price often rockets which is why, although we can offer a bouquet of purely red roses in our shops, we also offer a more cost-effective option, in the form of our Ruby designer bouquet which includes deep red Naomi Roses with complementing red blooms and foliage.


Dusky Pink Roses

Light blush pink roses are another Valentines Day classic, however, they are a little more modern than the red Naomi Rose and are often favourited by younger generations. Pink roses, in general, represent femininity, refinement and elegance, while light dusky pink roses convey joy, happiness and grace so would be the perfect gift for a new lover. Similarly to red roses, pink roses are very expensive around Valentines Day and while we can make up a bouquet of pink roses for you in our shops, we have an equally beautiful and appropriately named designer bouquet called True Romance which includes blush pink roses, lilac lisianthus, viburnum and wild greenery.

Snow-White Avalanche Roses

White roses represent youth, purity and innocence and are often associated with bridal and wedding flowers for these traditional reasons. If you are planning a romantic Valentines Day proposal, white Avalanche Roses are perfect to demonstrate your eternal love and loyalty. If you are looking for the perfect bunch of white roses this Valentines Day, our showstopping Arctic Skies bouquet features beautiful Snow-White Avalanche Roses, with stunning waxflower and fragrant foliage.

Other non-rose options 

If your loved one, is not a fan of traditional roses, then we have a range of colourful, equally romantic flowers for you to choose from, all of which are available in our Urmston or Knutsford shops.


If you are a fan of our blogs and social media, then you already know what huge fans we are of unusual chrysanthemums and although they are less popular than roses, they do make beautiful Valentines roses. Our favourite are large showy chrysanthemums rather than the traditionally thought of, filler flowers, however, both are very beautiful.


These flowers are already known as a romantic flower due to their association with wedding anniversaries, as they are traditionally the gift of first-year wedding anniversaries. Depending on the colour you select, they can have different meanings with white carnations representing purity, light red carnations conveying admiration and deep red carnations connoting a deep love.


A brilliant bouquet of joyful tulips is a perfect option to gift your other-half with as they represent happiness and cheerfulness and look as colourful as they do fun. Red tulips, in particular, are a great Valentines Day option because of their passionate meaning and traditionally represent a great commitment to your love.

At Ixia Flowers, we truly believe everything is said better with flowers, so we hope we have made your Valentines flower decisions a little bit easier. If you would like to purchase any of our online bouquets in time for Valentines Day follow the links here and if you would like a bespoke bouquet making up for your partner, visit our shops in Knutsford or Urmston, or call us to discuss your options on 0161 202 9645.

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