What are the longest lasting flowers?

We’ve heard it so many times before, ‘my flowers were so beautiful I wish they would have lasted forever’ and while we can’t provide real flowers that last forever as much as we would love to, we can advise you about the longest-lasting flowers, so that you can choose your bunch for longevity. Before we begin though, don’t forget that you can increase the vase life of your flowers with proper care, which you can find by following our flower care guide, put together by our award-winning florists.

Chrysanthemums – three to four weeks

Chrysanthemums and are well known for their long vase life and are a staple in our Christmas flower bouquets because they last the entire festive season and even at three weeks will look as good as when you first bought them. Typically chrysanthemums have been given a bad reputation but many don’t realise that there are a huge variety of chrysanthemums which each look completely different so before you rule out the entire flower variety, take a look at what we have in our Urmston or Knutsford shops and you may surprise yourself.

Orchids – two to three weeks

Orchids are a staple piece in many people’s homes because of their timeless elegance and sophistication. Orchids require specialist care but this doesn’t mean it is complicated to look after them. They need to be kept in cooler rooms of the house, away from direct heat sources and need to be kept away from fruits and vegetables since they are particularly sensitive to ethylene gas. If cared for properly, orchids can last up to three weeks.

Carnations – two to three weeks

Carnations are a classically popular flower which is one of the reasons we love including them in our bouquets, but also because of their long vase life. Carnations are known for their vibrant colours and stripes in certain varieties and are a great option for low maintenance bouquets. As with all flowers, their water should be changed every few days, they should be trimmed properly and given access to flower food, but by doing this, carnations can and often do last up to three weeks.

Lilies – two weeks

Lilies arrive in buds ready to open in your home which elongates the time they are fresh for and protects them in transit to your home. Lilies are fairly uncomplicated to look after and simply need their water changing and trimming every few days. With this proper care, they can last two weeks.

Hydrangeas – ten days

Hydrangeas actually are named after the Latin word for water vessel which suits them perfectly because they draw in so much water. To ensure hydrangeas last you will need to replace their water every day so that they have enough to drink and after trimming them, cut upwards to expose their woody stem so that they can take in more water. With this proper care, they can last around ten days.

Eryngium – two weeks

This spiky thistle-like flower is often used to add drama to bouquets and is particularly a favourite of many brides who choose to add it to their bridal bouquets. Eryngium doesn’t need much maintenance and does well in vases, usually lasting between ten days and two weeks on average.

If you have any questions about how to care for particular flower bouquets, boxes or plants you have bought from us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, where you can speak to one of our expert florists who will be able to advise you on your plant. You can reach them on 0161 202 9645.

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