The beauty of corporate flower vases

Flowers are some of the most welcoming and mood-boosting decors you can have in the workplace. No matter the size or type of business you have a luxury contract vase can help to provide guests with a warm welcome and make staff a little happier on a Monday morning. Traditionally, flowers for businesses have been chosen for freshness and longevity but at Ixia Flowers, we want to take those concerns away from you and will maintain and replace your flowers on an agreed regular basis within the Manchester and Cheshire areas. To find out why flowers are such an essential detail to any business, keep on reading.

Providing a warm welcome

If the first thing employees or visitors see when they enter your building is a vase of fresh flowers it will make them feel more welcome and comfortable in your surroundings, also showing that you take care of your staff and provide sophisticated extras that most companies don’t. Flowers in reception areas are especially effective to make a statement and really give guests the best possible first impression when they enter your workplace.

Boost employee and guests mood

As we have discussed in many blogs before, freshly cut flowers are scientifically proven to improve moods and help people to focus on their surroundings and where they are in the present moment. That’s why flowers are such an essential addition to any workplace as they can help to increase productivity and make employees more creative which is the perfect reason to add a flower vase to your workspace.

Build on your brand

Strategically picked flowers can build on your brand identity by incorporating your corporate colours into the bouquet which will add a personal touch to the flowers and is guaranteed to impress visitors. The flowers you choose can also be bespoke to your brand by being a bit more flashy for businesses who like to be in the limelight or more classic for more traditional businesses.

If you would like us to fit a contract flower vase into your workspace, we offer a bespoke vase flower arrangements service, starting with a free consultation where we will understand your personal style and tastes. Once the vase has been fitted, we will drop in and check on the condition of the flowers every few days, removing any flowers that are past their best, cleaning the vase and replacing the water. We can then arrange to come into your workplace on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to provide you with fresh flowers to replace the old ones. For more information on this service, you can call 0161 202 9645, or visit our contract vase page.

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