Spicy scented flowers and plants

While sweet citrus or floral scent flowers are more traditionally popular as fragrances over the past few years spicy, peppery scents have become increasingly popular in both perfume and flowers. The spicy scent that is released from these flowers and plants tends to be much more powerful and can almost instantly fill a room with their scent. Peppery, spicy scents are most popular in autumn and winter when cinnamon, pine and other warm scents are used to create a festive feeling. 


From the huge showy white blooms, we love so much to the more classic spray edition filler flowers, chrysanthemums are in full bloom in the colder months and are very long-lasting once cut which makes them a very popular addition to any bouquets. Not only do chrysanthemums look amazing but they also have an incredibly unique scent with a deep, musky fragrance that is not possessed by many other flowers. With a combination of their beauty and fragrance, they make an excellent festive flower, perfect to warm the hearts and homes of friends and family in the colder months. 


Also known as St John’s Wort, hypericum can be annuals, perennials, shrubs or trees, evergreen or deciduous. The hypericum flowers are showy yellow saucer-shaped flowers with prominent stamens. In some varieties and seasons, they also are accompanied by festive green, pink or red berries which are frequently used as decoration in bouquets and wreaths around Christmas. Their scent is strong and spicy and is said to help improve the mood of those who inhale it. 

Stock (Matthiola) 

Stock flowers are known under many different names including matthiola, brompton stock, cluster-leaved stock, common stock, gilliflower, hoary stock, hopes, queen’s stock and wallflower stock. Matthiola has simple or lobed leaves complete with four-petal flowers of pink, violet, mauve, purple and white which sit on top of the stem in a spike. These flower spikes are scented with a deep, heady fragrance that has spicy and floral tones. 

Brooms (Genista) 

Brooms also known as genista, are spiny shrubs or small trees with clustered yellow flowers the size of peas. These flowers sit on simple trifoliate green leaves which surround the fragrant yellow flowers. Brooms flower in summer opening their cheery yellow petals to release a pleasantly sweet scent with top notes of spice. This makes them perfect for people who like a subtle spice or those who like to have a little bit of spice in summer. 

Pink Dianthus 

Nicknamed ‘Pink Kisses’, pink dianthus is a clump-forming beautiful pink flower with petals that are stained dark pink on the inside and light pink on the outer side of the petals. They are showy flowers with double layers of petals creating a fanned-out effect. Pink dianthus is known for being a fragrant flower with their sweet clove fragrance as the selling point for many. 

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