Rose colour guide for Valentines Day

Roses are the international sign of romance and are a firm favourite for Valentines Day but before you run out and buy a bunch of red roses this Valentines Day, find out the meaning behind each coloured rose. Not only can you impress your other half with your knowledge of the meanings of roses, but it also shows how much thought you put into your flowers for Valentines Day.

Red Roses

Red roses are the classic symbol of love, passion, romance and desire and are therefore most frequently associated with Valentines Day. Deep red roses, in particular, can mean that you are ready for commitment and convey unconscious beauty.

Pink Roses

The meaning of pink roses can show grace, sweetness, femininity, elegance and refinement, therefore it is a great choice for new romance that has not quite developed into love yet.

White Roses 

White roses are generally associated with purity and marriage making them the perfect addition to a Valentines Day proposal. White roses can also symbolise new beginnings and everlasting love and loyalty which again makes them ideal for Valentines Day proposals.

Yellow Roses

Although in Victorian times yellow roses represented jealousy, in modern times they have a much more pleasant meaning of joy, friendship and cheer. This makes them the perfect gift for a close friend to convey the joy their friendship brings to you, so if you are celebrating Valentines Day with your besties this year, this one is for you.

Orange roses

Orange is often associated with energy and enthusiasm, as is the orange rose which stands for desire, fascination, enthusiasm and excitement. Due to their nature of admiration and excitement, they can also say ‘I am proud of you’ and are therefore perfect for a lover moving onto a new stage of their life or show your excitement over the romance.

Cream roses 

Although similar in colour to white roses, this rose has a completely different meaning of charm and thoughtfulness which makes them a wonderful gift for someone who is not yet your partner, but you would like them to be in the future.

Lavender roses 

Lavender roses are a very unusual yet beautiful colour which connotes love at first sight, enchantment, wonder and mystery. This makes them the ideal gift to send to someone you have a secret crush on. 

Peach roses

Peach roses show the appreciation and gratitude you have for another person and therefore is a great ‘thank you’ gift. Send these flowers with a thank you card for the perfect expression of gratitude.

Green roses

Green represents new life and growth which mean they are also a symbol for rejuvenation of spirit and fertility. This makes them a brilliant gift to give to your other half if you are expecting a child together.

Salmon roses

Salmon roses are a pinker shade of orange and are darker than peach roses. This means they can represent a combination of gratitude and excitement which makes them a perfect gift for budding relationships.

Hopefully, now you have found the perfect gift for your partner this Valentines Day to show them how much you care. If you would like to pick out a bunch of roses in any of the colours mentioned in this article, please visit our Urmston shop on Railway Road to have one of our florists put together a bespoke rose bouquet for you.

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