Large Fluffy Natural Pampas 3 Stems


Our large, fluffy natural pampas measures 120 cm in height and is the perfect addition to any room. The stems are perfectly suited to medium to tall vases, are a real statement piece and perfectly tap into the dried flower interiors trend. The stems are natural and undyed, each one is unique and there may be slight variation in colour and thickness. Style in tall vases in the corners of rooms or in front of fireplaces, just be sure to place your pampas away from heat sources and somewhere they are unlikely to be repeatedly knocked as some fibre shed may occur.

Unwrap your pampas with care, preferably outside. Shake each stem thoroughly before placing in the vase. Never place your stems in water, or close to naked flames or heating sources. Trim your stems to the desired length using sharp scissors or secateurs and ensure you have an appropriate vase which will not tip. If stems have gathered dust in the vase, set a hairdryer to cool and blow the stems gently from a distance. Some fibre shed is to be expected and does not affect the quality of the stems you receive. Ensure your stems are somewhere dry, keep away from moisture and water, and avoid placing stems where they are likely to be repeatedly knocked.

Price includes shipping to U.K. mainland. Information on how to care for your arrangement is included.

For delivery outside of our normal days (Tues – Sat) or Next Day Delivery please call us on 0161 202 9645. In the event, that you are not in, all of our flowers are left in a safe place.


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