Ficus Elastica


Care: Ficus make very attractive and easy care houseplants and are available in a wide variety of pot sizes and colours. Ficus elastica ‘Robusta’ is pictured, but ‘Abidjan’ with a much darker leaf, and ‘Tineke’ or ‘Painted Ficus’ are also widely available. Water moderately with lukewarm water and allow the soil to drain, mist regularly and ensure dust does not settle on leaves. Ficus prefer bright indirect light and may lose lower leaves in the winter. This is not a cause for concern as new growth occurs from the crown.

Also known as the Rubber Plant.

The images are for display purposes only. Deliveries run Monday – Saturday. Next Day Delivery available for all orders placed before 1 pm.

Plant deliveries are to local postcodes only (Manchester, Trafford and Cheshire.) If you’re not in, your plant will be left in a safe place.

Typical pot size: 12cm – 14cm

Typical approximate height: 40cm+


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