Earth Premium Dried Flowers


Based on earth and natural tones, dried earth is a textured and detailed dried bouquet including: dried natural avena, dried yellow toned natural broom, light brown palm spear and dried stipa pennata. As we only use natural products there will be a small variation in the height of individual arrangements.

The arrangement is hand tied with twine and packaged with black silk ribbon, in tissue paper, brown paper and our signature ixia Flower Box. Boxes include information on how to care for your arrangement.

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Remove the packaging from your dried flowers, leave the twine on the arrangement. Place in a clean dry vase, dried flowers do not need water and should be kept away from moisture and humidity. Place your arrangement somewhere where it is not being moved or brushed past to avoid fall out from the stems. Blow the dust off gently from a distance with a hairdryer on cool setting.

Dried flowers should be kept out of the reach of children and animals and are not edible. Keep away from soft furnishings as the colour from some stems may transfer.

  • Height: 56 CM
  • Width: 33 CM
  • Depth: 17 CM

Price includes shipping to U.K. mainland. Information on how to care for your arrangement is included.

For delivery outside of our normal days (Tues – Sat) or Next Day Delivery please call us on 0161 202 9645. In the event, that you are not in, all of our flowers are left in a safe place.


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