Mix it up with an ixia Mix flower box

Our bright flower box contains bright flowers, our white flower box contains white flowers, but what exactly does our mixed box contain? This is a frequently asked question of many of our newest subscribers who are wondering which colour scheme to choose. The simple answer to this would be that mix boxes are filled with seasonal pastel colours often combined with a few complimentary bright blooms and depending on the bouquet sometimes include some white flowers. What is also important to note is that mix boxes are the only box that will never include a lily, therefore if you don’t like lilies this is the one for you. 

How it works 

Our florists choose the flower box designs each week around the flowers that are in season to ensure the longevity of the flowers. All of our flowers are grade A1, the highest quality flowers possible.  

When you are choosing your flower box or flower box subscription you will first be asked to choose a colour scheme. As you have already been informed, mix boxes are filled with mainly pastel-coloured blooms sometimes complemented with a colour coordinating bright bloom or a few white flowers. We also offer white flower boxes which are designed to bring calm and tranquillity into your home and bright flower boxes which provide a pop of colour into your life. 

Once you have chosen your flower box colour, add it to your basket and decide whether you would like a one-off flower box or a flower box subscription. Confirm that decision with the option buttons provided and choose a date for your first box (or only box) to arrive on.  

Once your order has been placed, our florists will hand-pick the highest quality flowers in our warehouse in Altrincham which they will pack in a box and give to your delivery driver. This is done within the shortest time possible to provide you with the freshest blooms. Your delivery driver will then drop your box off, leaving it with you or if you are out, they will leave it in a safe place.  

Who mix flower boxes are best suited for 

Mix boxes are the colour boxes that we usually recommend for people who can’t make up their mind about which flower box to choose and love them all. Often people who love the Mix boxes are those who like our Bright boxes but would prefer a toned-down version. They would like some more colour than the White boxes provide, but not as much as they would find in the Bright boxes. This makes the Mix boxes the perfect in-between. 

Mix it up every month 

For those as in love with flowers as we are, consider a flower box subscription so that you can receive fresh seasonal flowers on a regular basis. Flower box subscriptions are available in our Brights, Whites and Mix Flower Boxes so that we can brighten up your life with your favourite flowers in a colour scheme that suits your personal style and home decor. No two flower boxes will ever be the same as our florists create new designs each week to ensure you get original designs every time. 

If you would like to see our previous Mix Flower Boxes, then click here or for more information on this service please contact one of our industry recognised florists on 0161 202 9645. 

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