Last week’s flower boxes – 11th March 2020

Our regular flower box subscriptions are available in three beautiful colour schemes, Brights, Whites and Mix. We created these colour schemes so that we could ensure every one of our customers had a flower box colour and style that would suit their home decor, style and personality.

Each week the flower box that we send out for each colour scheme changes according to major events, trends and the flowers that are in season that week, however, the theme of the flower box chosen will stay consistent. Brights will contain colourful blooms and filler flowers, White flower boxes will contain white blooms, filler flowers and either white or green foliage. Finally, Mix flower boxes will contain flowers in more subtle pastel colours such as lemon yellows, light blues, pistachio greens, delicate baby pinks and other such muted colours.

Bright Flower Box

In last week’s flower box, our talented florists chose a pink theme with light pink roses, baby pink spray roses, gradient pink lilies and deep pink lisianthus. These flowers are surrounded by the highest quality foliage including fragrant eucalyptus which perfectly complements the flowers.

White flower box

For this white flower box, we chose to use a combination of white blooms and green foliage for a fresh, contemporary look. We used a combination of white delphinium, white lisianthus and white lilies to which we added two types of eucalyptus to set off the white in the blooms.

Mix flower box

To create this stunning mix flower box, our florists used large white roses, a mixture of white and deep pink lisianthus and two different types of eucalyptus which were all set off with a pop of colour in the yellow solidago.

If you are not yet receiving a regular flower box subscription or would like to receive or gift a flower box, we have made the process really easy for you. Simply choose the colour scheme you would like to receive from brights, whites or mixed boxes, decide if you would like a one-off delivery or a subscription and the frequency of this subscription then checkout and the box will be delivered to your door.

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