Longer lasting flowers

How to make your flowers last longer.

10 tips to longer-lasting flowers

Whether you are receiving flowers or treating yourself, we all want our flowers to last longer and by taking proper care of your flowers it really is incredible the length of time they can last. The secret behind keeping cut flowers alive for as long as possible is to minimise the growth of bacteria in the water as well as providing nourishment to replace the minerals the flowers would have received in the earth.

After working in the industry for many years, our expert florists have learned how to properly look after flowers and prolong their life and will be sharing their wisdom with you in this guide.

A guide by ixia Flowers

1. Prepare the stems correctly

Stems have a small surface area to collect all the water they need, which is why when you cut your flower stems horizontally, flowers can often not receive enough water and will, therefore, wilt faster. To prolong the life of your flowers, when cutting the stems to fit your vase always cut on an angle. This will provide the flowers with a bigger surface area to drink from and therefore will ensure they are properly hydrated.

2. Only use sharp tools for flower cutting

Any tools that you are using to prune your flowers, such as scissors, shears or knives should be very sharp to create a clean-cut and ensure the stem isn’t damaged which could implement water intake.

3. Disinfect your tools

The tools that you use to cut the flowers should always be disinfected before cutting, this will ensure all the bacteria from older flowers won’t spread between the flowers and cause them to wilt quicker. Tools can be disinfected with a mild bleach which will kill all bacteria before it can infect another flower.

4. Clean out your vase

The same idea behind disinfecting your tools applies for your vase as well. Flowers in dirty vases will take in the bacteria from the vase and wilt faster. To avoid this ensure you properly clean the inside of your vase with a mild bleach before putting flowers in.

5. Remove all leaves below water level

When displaying your flowers you will notice that professionally arranged bouquets have clean stems without any leaves under the water level. This is not only done to make the stems look neater and more put together but also because any leaves below the waterline will introduce bacteria back into the water, wilting flowers faster.

6. Frequently change the water

When you are having a glass of water you wouldn’t reach for a glass that has had water sitting in it for a few days and the same goes for your flowers. Flowers like fresh clean water and no matter how meticulous you have been preparing the vase, the water will often go cloudy after a few days. This is why it is so important to replace your water every few days to prolong the life of flowers.

7. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight

When choosing a suitable location for your flowers it can be tempting to place them in direct sunlight, however, keeping flowers in a cool place away from direct sunlight will actually prolong their life. You should also keep them away from any sources of heat such as radiators and heaters as this can also minimise their lives.

8. Also, keep flowers away from ripening fruit

As strange as this sounds, it is also not good to place your flowers in areas where fruit or vegetables are ripening. Without getting too technical, this is because ripening fruit emits a gas called ethylene which can cause cut flowers to age quicker.

9. Pick the right vase for your flowers

Choosing the right vase for your flowers may not seem particularly important, however aesthetics aside, it can impact the life length of your flowers. Big heavier blooms should be placed in lower vases which can support their weight and have enough room to spread out, whereas lighter delicate stems should be placed in tall thin vases to support them.

10. Don't forget the flower food

Finally, not forgetting to add flower food to your vases is very important because when removed from the soil, plants need to replace their nutrients somewhere. At ixia Flowers, our flower food has been perfected through experience to create a long-lasting formula. You should be careful not to overdo the flower food, however, because each packet has been created for one litre of water, so if you are splitting the flowers up into smaller vases or not using as much water then less flower food should be added.
If you have any questions about properly caring for your flowers and would like to speak to one of our expert florists, please give us a call on 0161 202 9645 and browse our website to view our complete range of flowers.

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