How to get the most out of your flower box for mood-boosting and mind-calming

It’s already well known that flowers help to boost mood and bring happiness into your life, as they bring the outdoors indoors and create a sense of natural calm for the mind, but how can we make the most of these flowers and their mind centralising properties?

At ixia Flowers, we have spent over 20 years, dedicating our lives to flowers and the ways that they can brighten up lives and after years of research, we came up with our flower box subscriptions. These flower boxes have been perfectly formed to create the perfect mood-boosting flower selection and whether your order is in brights, whites or mix, the excitement of receiving flowers regularly and with such ease really brings out the best in people which we love to see. 

How to unbox your flower box delivery for calm

Unboxing and arranging your flower box is one of the most mindful parts of the process and really helps to focus your mind on something creative and beautiful. Start by unpackaging your box, preferably as soon as you receive it since the flowers will need a drink after their long journey but if you don’t have time then pop them in some water and go back to them later so that the process can be as unrushed and relaxed as possible. 

Once you have set aside ten minutes, take a look at the vase size you are using and trim the flowers down to fit in the vase using a sharp clean pair of scissors or knife. Then fill up the vase with a few inches of water and pour in half the flower food (you can use the other half in a few days when you change the water) being mindful of the sounds of rushing water and the feeling of the cold water against the vase. Then choose a piece of foliage for the centre of your arrangement, taking the time to take in the scents of the plant since it has been proven that taking the time to smell flowers can alleviate stress and low mood. Once you have got your centrepiece carefully select the outer filler flowers, foliage and premium blooms you would like to arrange around the centre and build this up until all the flowers are used. After you have built up your elegant flower vase, take a few moments to reflect on the flowers, making any changes that are required to perfect it, then really sit back and admire your flowers and the bouquet that you have put together. It really is beautiful and you created it on your own, reflect on how that makes you feel, you should be proud of your creativity and skills.

Where to place your flower box

Now that your flowers are perfectly arranged, it’s time to decide where to place them. Typically many people like to place their flowers on the mantlepieces of their main living area, or in their kitchen but this is completely up to you. We recommend somewhere that is not too warm or in direct sunlight, but the placement of your flowers is completely up to you. As long as it’s in a place where you can enjoy them, put them wherever you like.

Caring for your flowers

Caring for something such as a plant or flowers is a very mindful routine in itself because it means that the flowers will last longer and you will feel accomplished that you enabled this life to last longer. The water for the flowers should be changed every few days, usually mid-way through vase life is best because then you can use up the remaining flower food. You can also mist the flowers with water since they can take in water through their petals, which will increase their vase life. This can be done as a part of your mindful morning or evening routine.

How to receive your flower box delivery or subscription

If you are not yet receiving a regular flower box subscription or would like to receive or gift a flower box, we have made the process really easy for you. Simply choose the colour scheme you would like to receive from brights, whites or mixed boxes, decide if you would like a one-off delivery or a subscription and the frequency of this subscription then checkout and the box will be delivered to your door. We hope that you have a mindful experience with your flower box and if you do we would love to hear from you on our social media, which is @ixiaflowersuk.

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