How to choose flowers to match your home interior

Your home is your sanctuary, it’s where you eat, sleep and live and because of that for many of us, everything that we bring into our homes has to reflect our personal styles and bring us joy. Choosing a flower bouquet to display in your home should be no different. Flowers should complement your home interiors and fill you with happiness when you look at them. At ixia Flowers, we understand this need for flowers that match your style and home because after all, flowers are a luxury and this should be reflected when selecting a bouquet.

Start with the general colour scheme of your home

Whenever customers ask us about how to choose flowers that match their interior or a friend’s we start by asking them the basics, what the general colour scheme of the home is. If the home doesn’t have a general colour scheme then think about the room that the flowers will likely be displayed in and take it from there. We have a wide collection of flowers for every colour scheme so be sure to take a look at our Designer Bouquets options.

Decide whether you want the flowers to complement your home or add a pop of colour

Now that you have considered the colour of the room or home that the flowers will be displayed in, you need to decide whether you would like the flowers to match this or add a pop of colour. This is a personal preference and is completely up to your taste. If you are choosing a bouquet for someone else and are unsure of which choice to make as a rule of thumb staying safe and matching the flowers to the interior is always a good option since you know how much that person loves the colour you are selecting for them anyway.

Consider personal style

When selecting flowers that go with a home interior, it is important to think about personal style. If you are choosing flowers for someone else and are unsure about the style of their home, consider the way that they dress. Are they always perfectly polished and would like flowers to suit this such as Arctic Skies, Sunrise or True Romance? Do they love to dress in bold colours and would prefer flowers such as Floral Blush or Ruby? Perhaps they are a little more bohemian and would appreciate Paradise, Sensual Blooms or Blooms and Berries. Maybe they are always getting ready to book their next tropical holiday and would love something exotic such as Tropical Shores or Untamed beauty. It really is very difficult to go wrong with flowers since they are such a timeless luxury and are admired by almost everyone. 

If you would like any more help choosing flowers for yourself or someone else, our expert florists are always on hand to help. You can contact them by visiting our Urmston shop or calling us on 0161 202 9645.

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