How to care for hydrangeas and keep them bright and fresh

With hydrangea season in full bloom, we are delighted to be selling more hydrangeas than ever to our customers in bouquets, bunches and vase arrangements delivered to their homes. It is no secret however that hydrangeas can have a much shorter vase life if they are not cared for properly, which is such as shame since it really is easy keeping them looking their freshest. Follow our florists guide to caring for hydrangeas to keep your hydrangeas looking bright and fresh for longer. 

Reviving hydrangeas 

When hydrangeas start looking a little past their best it is often because their woody stems cannot get enough water through them. A little industry secret to combat this is to cut an inch off the stems then sit them in boiling water for thirty seconds. Immediately after, put them into a vase with room temperature water and they should instantly look revived. 

How to combat drooping petals 

If you notice the petals drooping or wilting, another unusual trick is to shock them by dunking the whole flower head in ice water a few times until the petals look fresh again. Hydrangeas should typically last 10 – 15 days and dunking them can really help squeeze those extra few days out of them. 

Misting hydrangeas 

Many people don’t realise but flowers can actually take in water from their petals. The petals cannot take in as much water as the stem can but for flowers like hydrangeas who have a particularly woody stem which can get blocked easily, it can be a good idea to mist the flowers with a fine spray of water. This trick is particularly helpful if the petals are looking dry or if the room your flowers are displayed in is particularly warm as the flowers will dehydrate quicker in this temperature. 

Stop bacteria growing 

When bacteria gets into the water your hydrangeas are in it will be sucked into the stems and infect the flowers causing them to wilt within a matter of days. To avoid this simply wash out your vase before putting your flowers in the water with soap or a small amount of bleach. This will kill any bacteria in the vase before the flowers are put in it. You should also change the water your flowers are in every two days to ensure it is clean which will prevent bacteria from growing. 

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