How to arrange your flower box

Arrange your flowers like a pro.

1. Open the box

Open your recyclable box to reveal your stunning blooms, some flowers may be wrapped in tissue paper to protect them so will also need unwrapping.

2. Choose the centre

Choose a piece of foliage for the centre and then pick up some stems to work outwards.

3. Add stems at angle

Hold the foliage in one hand adding the stems into this hand at an angle.

4. Rotate and repeat

Rotate your hand and repeat until all the blooms are in a beautiful arrangement in your hand. The bottom of each stem should stick out at an angle so that it looks like a spiral.

5. Add to vase

Clutch the ends of the stems with two hands so that they fit into the neck of your vase.

6. Make changes

You can then reflect on the arrangement and make any changes you deem necessary until you are completely delighted with it.

7. Admire your work

Now all the hard work is done we recommend making yourself your favourite drink and admiring your work.
If you have any questions about properly caring for your flowers and would like to speak to one of our expert florists, please give us a call on 0161 202 9645 and browse our website to view our complete range of flowers.

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