Houseplants that can handle overwatering

Although it may seem as though you cannot keep houseplants alive, it may simply just be an issue of the environment you are keeping them in. Some houseplants are better suited to sunny hot rooms while others thrive in dark cold rooms. The environment the plant responds best to is based upon their origins. If a plant is originally from a hot dry environment such as the desert they will be best suited to those extreme conditions and if a plant is originally from a damp more shaded area such as a rainforest they will be better suited to those conditions. Like people and animals, however, plants can adapt to their environment and if you can provide them with as similar to their natural environment to grow in as possible then they will thrive.  

The houseplants on this list are those that naturally thrive in boggy, swampy, waterlogged areas which makes them perfect houseplants for those who like to water their plants a little too often. If you have the tendency to overwater your plants any of these would be perfect for you. To further care for your houseplants with damp soil a tip is to ensure the soil remains ‘sweet’ by adding a little bit of charcoal to it. This is because the charcoal absorbs excess water from the roots of the plant guarding it from bacteria, fungus and rot as well as helping to eliminate odours.  


There are over 32 varieties of arum in the family of Araceae these unique plants are known for their arrow-shaped leaves and are not frost tolerant as they are from the Mediterranean region. Some examples of arum plants are Zantedeschia (calla lily), Dieffenbachia Monstera, Philodendron, Spathiphyllum (peace lily) and Caladium Colocasia (elephant ear). These plants thrive in bright, indirect light, although will tolerate some shade. In a good location, the plant will put out plenty of the new growth and may require caning on a mossed pole. They also enjoy high humidity so they should be kept warm and misted occasionally and can tolerate a lot of water. All types of arum plants are poisonous and may not be suitable in homes with pets and children. 


Caring for azaleas is one of the easiest houseplants to take care of however you should look after them with proper care to keep them looking healthy. This means the houseplants should be displayed in areas where it is cool and lightly shaded since direct sun can burn the leaves while heavy shading can deprive the plant of oxygen. Azalea plants have shallow roots and require a well-drained, acidic soil which means that they need extra watering to survive. 

Papyrus (Cyperus) 

Papyrus is a species of aquatic flowering plant which makes it perfect if you tend to be a little heavy-handed with the watering can. Papyrus plants in ancient Egyptian times were used as paper, woven goods, food and fragrance. Since it comes from warmer origins care for this plant should follow that of any other tropical houseplant but with more moisture. The main concern for this houseplant which makes it different is the level of moisture it requires to stay alive. The papyrus plant should never be allowed to dry out as it is used to swampy environments and will not survive if left fry for too long. This plane is considered a sedge and favours moist, warm environments where it grows fast. Although papyrus is able to handle overwatering, it has no frost tolerance and should not be kept in freezing temperatures in winter. Papyrus has no damaging pests or disease except rust fungus which can discolour the stems and foliage but with the right amount of light and moisture caring for this plant is east even for beginners.  

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