Hay fever friendly flowers

Spring and summer for most of us are the times of the year to sit outside and enjoy nature at it’s finest but for hay fever sufferers its a time when they are exposed to copious amounts of pollen causing running noses, itching eyes and constant sneezing for weeks. We love flowers and understand the happiness it can bring to a home which is why we have put together a list of hay fever friendly blooms that allergy sufferers can still enjoy without suffering due to the low pollen count. 


Peony season runs from April to June which also happens to be hay fever season but thankfully hay fever sufferers can enjoy these elegant blooms due to the type of pollen they contain. Peonies are pollinated by insects which means that their pollen is thick and sticky which means the pollen cannot travel through the air and will not affect allergy sufferers. 


Some hay fever sufferers may find that they are affected by the type of pollen in particular types of roses, but for the majority of roses, allergy sufferers should have no problems. On the whole, roses are low in pollen but a tip to choosing the safest allergy roses is to stick to tight-budded roses since these roses release the lowest levels of pollen, if you are unsure as to what you are looking for ask your local florist and they will be happy to show you. 


These huge impressive blooms are also insect-pollinated which again means that their pollen is too thick and sticky to travel through the air. This means that allergy sufferers can indulge in these showy blooms without issues. 


These ruffled-ball shaped flowers have both spray and standard varieties and both make excellent hypoallergenic flowers for hay fever sufferers.  

Pollen-free Asiatic lilies  

Lilies are known for being an allergy sufferers worst nightmare due to the amount of pollen in their stamen, however, you can still enjoy your love of lilies even with hay fever with pollen-free Asiatic lilies. Another incredible benefit of this type of lily is that they don’t have the strong fragrance that other lilies do this means that even if you don’t have allergies but you find the scent of lilies a little bit overpowering these flowers can work for you. 


Also known as ‘sword lilies’ these stunning spear-shaped flowers can be enjoyed by allergy sufferers since they are insect-pollinated and therefore present a low risk of affecting hay fever sufferers. 


Also known as Antirrhinum, the Snapdragon’s beautiful tightly closed buds make them perfect plants for pollen protection which limited the risk of hay fever sufferers feeling the effects of their pollen. 

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