Flower trends for 2020

2020 is a new year and with the start of a new year comes new flower trends for home bouquets, corporate bouquets and weddings. Whether you have a wedding to plan or would just like some floral home inspiration we have compiled a list of the latest predicted flower trends for the new year.


Minimalist neutrals 

Minimalist fashion and lifestyles are being adopted by many with the intention of adopting a happier mindset without negative clutter. In 2020 we will be seeing this trend in the floristry industry with softer more neutral coloured blooms being used such as our white flower boxes or Arctic Skies designer bouquet.

White flower box

Natural organic bouquets

For flower arrangements, bouquets and vases, similarly to the idea of a more minimalist way of living, natural-looking flowers such as wildflowers or rustic style bouquets will be in fashion. In many bouquets, recyclable paper and plastic will be used to wrap the flowers as we already use at ixia and flowers will be styled in a slightly wilder more natural way.

Sensual blooms flower delivery

More flowers less foliage 

In 2020 many couples tying the knot will be opting for a more floral bouquet with little to no foliage in the wedding flower bouquets. This trend has been heavily influenced by celebrities such as the Kardashians who love floral walls and large rose bouquets without foliage.

Greenery walls

While foliage may be being ditched in bouquets, in 2020 we will be seeing many greenery walls filled with fresh foliage rather than flowers, as we saw in 2019. These greenery walls are something a little bit different that we haven’t seen much of before and will likely be the backdrop of many wedding and party images.

Fragrance bouquets 

The scent of fresh flowers is known to boost people’s mood and we are finding now that many customers, brides, in particular, want their bouquet to smell as good as it looks. Delicately scented florals such as freesias, lavender and sweet peas are being combined with sprigs of fresh herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme and sage to create a perfectly fragranced aroma.

Which of these flower trends for 2020 was your favourite? Let us know on our social channels, we would love to hear from you and if you are interested in any of the flower designs mentioned in this blog, call us to see how we can help on 0161 202 9645.

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