Floral Royalty

RHS Tatton Silver Medallists

Our team of designer florists have decades of experience in the flower industry. So, we were proud beyond measure to see our skill, creativity and passion acknowledged at RHS Tatton with a silver medal for our “Floral Royalty” exhibit.

Floral Royalty was a showstopper using recycled wooden pallets in a statement to reduce non-recyclable waste, to create an immense throne. Decked out with a cascade of cut flowers and flowering plants and set on a pedestal carpeted in lush turf.

Fresh, Beautiful, Different. Those are the core values we work by. That means we always use the best, premium blooms. Craftsmanship is at the heart of each of our creations, big and small, and we love to delight people with our flower displays, whether that’s in your home, at an event, or in one of our exhibits.

We love being an active part of the florist community.

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