Five things to do when you’re quarantined – flower edition

Being at home for the next few weeks isn’t what anyone had planned for spring and definitely isn’t an ideal situation, however, we really have to think of the benefits for not just our own health but for the health of others which is enough to stop anyone going out. One of the ways we have been choosing to look at it is by thinking about what an opportunity it truly is to organise areas of your life that you normally wouldn’t have time to organise and try new things since this is likely the only period of your life where you will be forced to stay at home with nothing else to do (and there’s only so much to watch on Netflix). For all our creative flower lovers, we have a list of our favourite things to do during isolation that will keep you busy and stimulate your brain. 

Turn your bathroom into a home spa with eucalyptus 

Upgrade your shower by hanging stems of eucalyptus from an old flower bouquet to your shower head. To hang the eucalyptus you can use some twine, string or a rubber band which will secure the eucalyptus until you want to take it down. The benefit of this is that steam from the shower will release the aroma and essential oils from the leaves creating a luxury spa in your home. There are also many health advantages to this since eucalyptus has been found to provide mental clarity, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it is also a great decongestant and has been proven to help improve mood, something we all need a little bit of during this time. 

Make your own potpourri  

Before throwing out your expired flowers, try this DIY to keep you entertained and ensure nothing goes to waste. We recommend roses for this DIY as their petals tend to have the strongest scent when dried but any flowers will work. Put your flowers on a baking tray in the oven with a cinnamon stick, citrus fruits, apple slices or anything else you have handy and sprinkle them all with your favourite essential oil. Leave them to bake until the flowers are brittle but not burned and wait for them to cool. Once they have cooled down put the mixture into a bowl and add a few more drops of essential oils, then make a cup of tea and enjoy the scent. 

Create floral art 

Get your creative side out and try your hand at pressing flowers to frame for your home. These pressed flowers are easy to create, look professional and can be done with things you have around the house. Start by collecting a few flowers from your garden or from your daily stroll if you are social-distancing rather than quarantining for health reasons, then wash the stems and trim to size. To press them, cut two squares the size of the book you are pressing them between and arrange the flowers the way you like in between the squares of newspaper. Then close the book and add a weight on top of the book to maximise the drying time. Put the book in an airing cupboard and leave for two-three days to dry. Once dry, remove the flowers and place on a background of your choice, such as the other side of a frame, a piece of card or a greetings card to send. Once you have arranged the flowers how you like then cover the design in a thin layer of PVA glue which dries clear and when dry you will be finished with a masterpiece. 

Make a mini bouquet 

Different flower types expire at different times but often when you remove a few flowers from a bunch the whole bunch can look bare which is where a mini bouquet can swoop in and save the day. To make this DIY, start by cleaning out your chosen mini vases, we recommend mason jars, empty glass candle containers and old glass bottles such as glass Coca-Cola bottles. Once clean create a small bunch of flowers in your hand, usually between three and six stems works for this and then trim the stems to size. Finally, fill up the small vases with water, place the flowers in the water and you’re done. 

Grow your own 

Growing your own vegetables, fruit or herbs is a really sustainable way to live, helping the environment and your bank balance. Whether you are your food alone or with your family, it is bound to captivate everyone. You don’t even need to go out to buy a packet of seeds to grow your own food, there are plenty of products you can grow with kitchen scraps such as lettuce, celery, potatoes, onions, garlic and even avocados. This activity is not only a lot of fun but you will have something tasty to eat at the end of it. 

We know it can be really dull staying at home, but we do hope these DIY’s helped to give you some ideas of activities you can do at home so that you can look back and realise you spent your time wisely. Stay safe! 

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