Exotic-scented flowers and plants

Exotic scented flowers are some of the most sought after flowers for luxury perfumers which makes them a highly sought after flower for weddings and other big events which people want flowers for. Exotic scented flowers are one of the strongest scented flowers which is why they are also popular scents for bathrooms and other rooms around the home which you want to smell exotic. 


Also known as daffodils, narcissus is a bulbous European plant which is instantly recognisable for their bright yellow or white trumpet-shaped flowers. These flowers are widely popular as a sign of spring’s arrival for many. This particular variety of daffodil blooms in winter and is named after a hunter known for his beauty in Greek mythology. The most fragranced types of narcissus include ‘cheerfulness’, ‘paperwhite’ which is the all-white variety and ‘Soleil d’Or’ all of which have a sweet and rich scent. 


Gardenias are beautiful swirled flowers usually in white or other light colours such as light pinks and yellows. Gardenias are from hot tropical conditions originally which is why they grow best in humid conditions. Provide them with misting every day or place a humidifier near them to keep their petals moist. Because of their tropical origins, gardenia is very sensitive to the cold and may die in winter which is why many people only grow them inside a greenhouse in the UK, unless they are houseplants in which case since a house will not usually get to freezing temperature in winter they will be fine. The scent of gardenia is very clean and floral but exotic which makes it extremely popular. 

Oriental Lily 

Along with Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies are one of the two most popular types of true lilies available. Oriental lilies can tolerate colder climates unlike Asiatic lilies and tend to have far larger flowers. These lilies are known for being some of the last lilies to bloom, during their blooming season which is mid to late summer. One of the most recognisable lilies within the oriental lily category is the Stargazer Lily which is one of the most popular cut flowers with many florists and likely the most popular lily due to its strong fragrance and ability to last longer than most flowers with many lasting around three weeks. Other popular oriental lilies are Casablanca lilies and Le Reve lilies which all have a heady and intense fragrance. 


Stephanotis is a widely admired houseplant which is grown for its shiny leaves and fragrant flowers which are small rubber-looking white star-shaped flowers. They have long been treasured for this beauty and their sweet scent which is described as a sweet fresh floral scent with a spicy undertone. Their sweet scent and pure white looks have made them a traditional flower for wedding bouquets and other wedding floral accessories. This flower thrives in warm conditions such as heated conservatories or greenhouses but will also be happy and healthy in any warm, light room. Due to their specific requirements, they are not usually a popular plant amongst beginner gardeners and can be extremely tricky to keep alive in this climate. 


Tuberose, also known as ‘The Pearl’ flowers in tufts of white funnel-shaped fragrant flowers. This stunning flower has a strong enticing fragrance which is described as a jasmine scent with hints of coconut. The flowers on tuberose are in clusters of large white blooms which form on stalks that can reach four feet high and rise from grass-like clumps. 

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