Easy DIY Floral Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is almost here so if you’re planning a haunted dinner party, or are looking for some classy Halloween decorations this year you’re in the right place. We have put together a list of floral Halloween decor ideas to get you in a spook.

Flower Pumpkin Centrepieces

Flower pumpkins are an elegant and creative way to display your flowers for Halloween this year. They are especially favourable since they are so easy to create. Simply cut the lid off your pumpkin and scoop out the insides as you would for normal pumpkin carving then fill a wide glass with water and a small amount of flower food, put the glass inside the pumpkin and it’s ready for flowers. Measure the flowers to size then trim the stems at a 45-degree angle to ensure they get enough water, arrange and pop them in the glass inside the pumpkin. If you are feeling extra fancy, you could paint your pumpkin to match your home decor. This same principle can also be used to arrange your flowers into a plastic skull or other haunted decoration that you like.

Flowers in pumpkin

Floral Cobwebs

Cobwebs have been used in Halloween decorations for years now but give yours a slightly less sinister feel by tangling flowers into the webs for colourful decor. This DIY is really simple and will take less than 10 minutes making it the perfect last-minute craft. Firstly, you will need to purchase some fake cobwebs, these can be found anywhere at this time of the year and are very affordable. Once you have these cobwebs remove them from their packaging and hang them around your home. Next, take some flowers (we would recommend something bright and seasonal so that they stand out, such as our mix flower box) and trim them to size, heavier flowers may need to be trimmed down more than lighter ones in order to balance within the web. That really is it! A fancy floral Halloween decoration in less than 10 minutes.

Pumpkin decoration

Creepy Crawly Flowers 

As children, many of us remember the small plastic spiders that were used as decor for Halloween and now it’s time to bring them back to create a creepy flower display for your dinner table. All you will need for this DIY is a box or bouquet of flowers (we recommend our white flower box, as the spiders will stand out better with the colour contrast) and a small box of spiders which can be found in many supermarkets for a couple of pounds. Take your flowers out of the box and arrange them the way you would like for your dinner table, then place the plastic spiders onto the flowers and around the vase. They may need some glue to stay attached but should stay put on their own fairly well too. This DIY is so simple it should take just five minutes or less but looks very effective.

Plastic spiders for halloween

Spooky Chandelier 

If you have a vintage-looking chandelier (or any lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling) this one is for you. For this DIY you will need some flowers (we recommend using bright colours such as our bright flower box so that they really stand out), some more synthetic cobwebs and some plastic spiders (this one is optional but will make the arrangement more striking). Firstly tangle the cobwebs around the chandelier so that it looks as though the house has just been found after being abandoned for years, then take out your flowers and trim them a little before weaving them in and out of the cobwebs and chandelier. If any of the petals of your flowers fall out while you are fixing them into the cobwebs take the petals and place them around the cobwebs for a more haunted look. Once you have finished with this if you have any plastic spiders, sprinkle them around the cobwebs and enjoy your spooky chandelier. Remember for this DIY that the flowers are out of water and should be put back into water at the end of the night to increase vase life.

Halloween home decor

I’m Watching You Floral Vase Arrangement

This last DIY is one of our more scary decoration ideas but is guaranteed to get your guests attention. All you need are some premium bloom flowers (these are flowers with heads big enough to place things into), chocolate wrapped or plastic eyeballs and some fake blood. For this simple Halloween DIY arrange your flowers into your vase the way you like them, ensuring the premium blooms are the focal point of the arrangement if you have other flowers in the vase. Then place your chocolate or small plastic eyeballs into the centre of the blooms so that it looks as though they are watching your guests. Once they have been secured, drop some fake blood onto the flowers and let it drip down them for extra effect. For this reason, it is best to use white or light flowers but any flowers that fit your home decor will work. These spooky flowers are very effective and guaranteed to have your guests in a spook.

Blood on flowers

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